Your Own IT Guy

Most businesses today heavily rely on computers and connectivity to conduct business or communicate with customers and even the most tedious task of record and data storage in robust and secure enviroment gives them ease of mind.

We provide wide spectrum of solutions to our clients, offering great support and timely consultations. We value our clients desire to conduct their business with ease, for which we provide best equipments & solutions, highly trained professionals and always on technical assistances.

The offerings are as mentioned below:

  • IT Consulting Services
    1. Business Process Consulting
    2. IT Network Consulting
    3. IT Security Consulting
    4. IT & Security Certification Consulting
  • Planning, Design, Development, Optimization & Management Software Services (L1 Type)
    1. Application
    2. Database
    3. Log Management
    4. Mail Management
    5. Mail Platform Migration
    6. OS Migration Mgmt
    7. Patch Management
    8. Cloud Services
  • Application-Database Migration
    1. Mail Exchange
    2. Business Application

Facilities Management

One of our cornerstone services, We have a highhly skilled team to manage your storage & appplications requirements. We provide planning, upgrades, monitoring & analysis, security checks and many much more for following departments

  • Datacenter Management
  • Application Management
  • Backup Management
  • Database Management
  • Backup Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Printing Management
  • Document Management
  • Network Management
  • Security Management
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Mail Management

Connectivity Services

We expertise in setting up, high speed and efficient internet connectivity with multiple redundancy and easy scalibilty for Local & Wide Area applications. We have partnered with leading ISPs around India to setup high effecient and cost effective networks for our clients.

We have the team proficient to provide the solutions like:

  • Internet Connectivity
    1. Wired ILL Services
    2. RF ILL Services
  • WAN Connectivity
    1. P2P Connectivity
    2. MPLS Connectivity
  • Voice Connectivity
    1. ISDN PRI Lines
    2. ISDN BRI Lines
    3. VOIP Services