Surveillance Security Systems

We setup, maintain & support a wide spectrum of security systems.

IP Surveillance

We provide high quality & latest Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and associated system, network and storage setup for all your visual surveillance needs.

Access Control

Monitor and manage access to certain sections or administrate employees movements and attendance, our Access Control System provides robust and simple solutions for daily needs.

Biometrics Solutions

We offer high precision & quick access panels as part of our extended access control systems. We provide fingerprint, palm and/or retina scanners are provided as standard.

Integrated Perimeter Security Solutions

Now protect your property with our Advanced Perimeter Security Solutions. We can help you plan and execute perimeter security requirements, covering visual, sensory and physical detections.

Forced Entry Prevention Systems Security Automation Systems

Various solutions can be devised to stop sudden and destructive intrusions can be integrated using visual, auditory, sensory and physical systems.

Entrance Automation Systems

Public entrances and movements can be automated with various visual and sensory combined devices. Automated entry especially for vehicles can be provided in combinations with smart tags and chips read by RF or NFC readers.

Command and Control Centre

A comprehensive security and monitoring solutions requires an all-round Command & Control Centre System. All devices including DVRs, Perimeter Security. Access Controls, Entrance Automation Systems and more be monitored and administrated.

Inspection Systems and Cargo Screening Solutions

Ideal for Warehousing Solutions and Port Entry Terminals, our state of the art detection and monitoring equipment scan efficiently without compromising accuracy and security.

IP based Visual Security Surveillance

Covering all aspect of Monitoring & Security from local & remote sites, IP based Visual Security Surveillance is employed in some of the most demanding and security centric places.